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Creating a Custom Entry in Reef Tank Pro
12-08-2011, 07:48 PM
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Creating a Custom Entry in Reef Tank Pro
Reef Tank Pro has the ability to create custom entries. This will allow you to create many types of activities and measurements that were not included with the app.

1. Start by selecting the "Entries" tab at the bottom of your screen and choose "Create Custom".

[Image: photo1.png]

2. Enter "Add Calcium" and select Activity.

[Image: photo2.png]

3. Scroll down and select Yes for Quantity and go to "Select Multiple".

[Image: photo3.png]

4. Select "Capful (cap)" and then select "Create Custom Unit".

[Image: photo4.png]

5. Enter Milliliters into the description and mL as the abbreviation and select "Save".

[Image: photo5.png]

6. Select "Milliliters (mL)" from the Select Units screen and choose "Customize Entry" to return to the Customize Entry screen.

[Image: photo6.png]

7. Select "Save" to complete setting up your new "Add Calcium" activity.

[Image: photo7.png]

Shown below is your new "Add Calcium" activity. You can now begin using it anywhere you see "New Entry" in the application.

[Image: photo8.png]

We realize this process takes a little time and we are working on a future update to simplify this process!

Thank you for using Reef Tank Pro!

Best Regards,

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