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Full Version: Track Inhabitants
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Currently, I am creating custom entries for "Added livestock", Added Plants", etc.

Any way to have some sort of entry or log for the inhabitants? Ideally it would be a log for the coral, plant, invert, fish within the log of the tank. Something like a nested log, owned by the tank log, but viewable from within or without the tank log.

It would be nice to track growth, propagation, breeding, age etc. of our flora and fauna.

Thanks again for the very useful app
Once again, all a part of future updates Smile

also, It would be nice consider disease treatments, moving from one tank to another. e.g: QuarantineTank -> DisplayTank <--> HospitalTank (or another)
(01-25-2012 10:53 PM)anthony Wrote: [ -> ]Once again, all a part of future updates Smile

I am excited to for this feature. I would also like to be able to track the progress of corals and etc. and be able to filter by individual strand or as previously suggested have a nested thread within the tank. I recently purchased and am very pleased! Thank you ReefTankPro

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